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Programming the Memory Hierarchy via Memory Services

This project is developing a new system architecture that lets applications re-program the memory hierarchy to specialize its operation. We are developing a new data-centric model called Memory Services and new hardware to give programmers unprecedented control over the memory hierarchy.

We have begun by developing several exemplar services to demonstrate the potential of Memory Services and learn their common design patterns. Thus far, we have built Memory Services that improve performance and energy-efficiency by 2X on challenging irregular computations (e.g., graph processing and linked data structures). We are now building a programmable memory hierarchy called Livia to support these services, as well as many others. Livia distributes reconfigurable Memory Service Engines (MSEs) throughout the memory hierarchy, which can perform computation or other actions within the memory hierarchy as demanded by each Memory Service.

The above diagram shows how Livia executes tasks within the memory hierarchy for applications written as a Memory Service. Livia hardware automatically migrates data to settle at its “natural” location in the memory hierarchy according to how its used, and then dynamically schedules task execution on the closest MSE to maximize efficiency.

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